The Clara James Approach to learning

Supporting your child with maths & English, the fun way!

An abundance of games and varied resources to help you support your child through primary school with fun rather than tears

Does this sound like you?

•Do you ever feel heartbroken because your child doesn't understand something but you don't know how to explain it to them?

• You're keen to help them with their education, but you don't know how...

• You sit down with them to try and help but it ends in tears and tantrums

• You're spending hours traipsing through the internet to find relevant, enjoyable resources to help support their learning.

What if things could be different?

Imagine if you had a treasure trove of creative resources to help support your child's learning

Every month a new set of resources will be added for you to access. They will be based around enjoyable ideas to support your child with learning a certain aspect of primary maths or English.

Would it be a god send to have other parents and professionals you could talk to for advice?

There is an ever-growing Facebook community where you can ask questions and get support from myself and others. In addition, once a month there is a zoom call where you can ask me any additional questions that you may have about your child's learning.

How about if your child actually enjoyed spending time with you working on their maths and English!

In the past 20+ years of working in education I have learned that if a child is enjoying an activity, they are more likely to want to engage. The more they engage the better they become, and it becomes a positive cycle of success.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

I started Clara James Tutoring back in 2012, with no business knowledge just an extensive background in education. When I first started my journey in childcare and education I took a voluntary role in the playgroup my 3 children attended whilst I studied for my Diploma in Preschool Practice. I then decided to continue the journey and carried out a degree in childcare and education. Over the coming years I worked with adults and children, mainstream and those who struggled because of specific learning difficulties.

My 3 children, Clara, Jamie and Angel are all in their 20’s now. When they were young, it was commented upon that everything I ever did with them had to be educational. It wasn’t intended, I just enjoyed it. I enjoyed building houses out of cardboard boxes, reading books together, colouring pictures, adding the numbers together on car number plates, cooking, playing eye spy. I loved every moment I had with my children.

In the past few years, we have regularly been nominated as finalists in National Entrepreneurial Awards for the tutoring business. But I know not everyone wants a tutor, some people want inspiration, and my aim is to give you that inspiration through the Clara James Approach.

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

The Clara James Approach!

I am so excited to tell you about this. (Normally my emotions are relatively insipid, but this is something I am incredibly excited about. With so much disruption in children's education over the past couple of years, ever increasing class sizes, and changing life styles, more and more people have decided to try and educate their own children. To complement school or as an alternative to school. Some have sought outside help; others have battled on alone.

Would it be easier to find inspiration if the work is presented in a way that was creative and fun? 20 years ago, when I started my journey into education, my early experience was in early years and learning difficulties. It quickly became clear that most children don’t learn through worksheets and textbooks. They learn when they are inspired, actively involved and motivated. Each time we do something we create a memory. If we consistently use the same teaching technique, we are creating one memory but making it stronger. Giving the brain only has one place to go to find the information that it needs. However, if you use a range of resources, you will create multiple memories and the brain will have more places to go to where it can find the required information. By using a variety of resources, you are also incorporating more learning styles: visual, audible, kinaesthetic. Although most people may feel they have a preference to one.

By using a variety you are once again stimulating more places in the brain.   The Clara James Approach is a membership group where you will be given fantastic resources to help your child or a child that you are working with to enjoy both maths and English in creative and fun ways. Every month you will be given a series of resources to support your child and help their confidence grow. So, for example, January we will looked at negative numbers. There were explanations, board games (the board game, the dotty board, game, snakes and ladders) and more. There is also be a Facebook group where you can talk to and share ideas with other parents who are wanting to support their child in the same way that you are. There will also be a monthly Q&A where I will be available to answer any questions that you have.   With 20% of the UK population diagnosed as having dyslexia 700,000 are believed to have some form of autism 3-4% of children in the UK are believed to have ADHD More and more people are working with or have children who have some form of learning difficulty and not sure how best to help them. The approach we use here, the resources available have been used in and successful in these circumstances time and time again over the past 10 years. They will help you.

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy/join:


The resources

There are already over 15 different bundles for you to choose from. Each month a new bundle will be added to help you to support your child with their maths or English. These will include a variety of games and different suggestions to use at home. (There will also be an explanation with each bundle explaining how to work through the theme and the activities).  Value: £990


The courses

With courses ranging from creating confident learners, introducing dyslexia to your child, to producing a project using creative activities based on the beach, a tree, or the jungle. There is something for everyone.

Value: £100+


The Monthly Q&A

Although there are explanations with each bundle and people you can speak to in the Facebook group, there will be times when you need that 1-to-1 support. Maybe there is a specific subject your child is struggling with; a resource needs to be adapted to their needs. Whatever it is, that hour is there for me to answer your own, individual, personal questions.

Value: £250/month!


The Facebook Group

Whilst pondering how to introduce this to you I came across this extract I wrote a while ago: My children are older now. But when they were young there was nothing, I enjoyed more than spending time with them. I was once told that everything I did with them had to be educational. It wasn’t intended that way. I just enjoyed getting the paints out, reading books with them, playing games. The local library used to offer a weekly story time. They would read the children stories then afterwards that would provide the theme for pictures to colour and things to make. I appreciate it probably was predominately educational, but the kids loved it and I met mums who had similar interests to my own. I made some really good friends. The goal of the Facebook group is to give you the opportunity to make friends with likeminded people.  

Value: £Priceless!

A total value of: over £800

Join us now for just £9.97/month

"Thanks to Dawn our daughter has started enjoying her maths again"

— Anna S.

Dawn helped my son massively with his maths. Her approach was effective and really helped with his understanding. I would definitely recommend

— Eve Randall

Dawn is amazing! She has really helped my children, she is very patient and explains maths to them in a way which they just hadn’t understood it before...even managed to explain algebra over the phone to my son in our hour of need!! Highly recommend!!!!!

— Julie Tattersfield

Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you join us and you’re not satisfied here is what we’ll offer you...

There is no contract so you can leave at any stage. Further more, if you leave in the first 3 months you will get penny of your membership fees back, so there's nothing to loose!


What age range is the membership group aimed at?

The bundles in the membership group are aimed at children from 4 to 11 years old.

Am I tied into a contract?

No you can leave the group at any time if it's not for you and as mentioned above, if you leave in the first 3 months let us know and you will get every penny of your money back, no questions asked.

My child is tutored by Clara James Tutoring, do I still have to pay?

No, if we tutor any member of your family let me or your tutor know and we will ensure that you are given access absolutely free!

What if I need help on something that isn't contained in an existing bundle?

Let us know and we can either answer your questions in the monthly Q&A or if it's a popular request we can create a bundle for you in the following month

How long do I get access to the resources for?

Access to the resources is yours for as long as you remain a member. Pop in and out as often as you like.

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