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Snow's Story?

In 2014, we were lucky enough to have Snow come into our lives. Her story wasn’t one you could ignore and she was being fostered just around the corner from where we lived. It almost felt like our destiny.

A couple of years prior, there had been a particularly bad winter in Romania. She had laid sheltered under a park bench. (Much of this part of the story I have copied from their website)

A huge block of ice, weighing tens of kilograms fell from the fourth floor crushing the bench with Snow underneath. It would have killed her for sure if it hadn't been for the bench in the form of the block that diverted the direct blow.

The pictures show the force of the impact: the wooden bench was destroyed. It was a miracle that the poor dog survived at all.

The extent of the injuries was terrible: pelvic fracture, disrupted hip joint, broken femur.

Following surgery in one leg, a lengthy and difficult healing of the broken pelvis kept her for months in the Speranta shelter.

A very discrete presence, Snow endured the painful period of recovery.

This happened only partially as one leg never regained walking capacity.

But just as with many other dogs who lost a limb

following accidents, it does not prevent her from being a beautiful and almost normal dog.

I had always maintained if I ever had a dog, it would never be allowed on the furniture. The day she arrived with us, she jumped onto the settee, and we were given the first indicator of what was to come.

Snow was the most stubborn, difficult, frustrating dog you could ever meet. We would go for walks, and she would decide to stop and watch the traffic. We could sit there for 30, 40, 50 minutes until she was ready to move on. We would find the shade of a tree and she would sit and rest until she was ready to move.

She was the boss.

She would approach you if you were sat in her chair with a look which you knew meant it was time to move, she wanted that chair now.

Regardless of how cold it got, she liked the front door open so she could lay inside it and watch the world go by. A sneeze or a cough and she would make a noise that instantly meant you knew you were in trouble, and we would find ourselves apologizing.

She set the boundaries and we loved her for it. In return she was both loyal and loving. A dog in a million.

Sadly, on 25th September 2022, we had to say goodbye to her. That day my heart broke into a million pieces. I will always be grateful for the love she gave us.

And also, to “Speranta pentru Animale” the charity who rescued her and gave her the chance of life and us the opportunity to have her in our life.

One of my reasons to relaunch the membership group now is as a legacy to Snow and the love she shared in her own authoritative way.

For every paying member, we will £2 from each membership subscription to the charity that rescued her, to help other dogs that come into their care.

To find out more about the group, CLICK HERE


Encourage your child to love Math & English &

help us to save another dog like Snow

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